Have you ever had one of those nights where you JUST CAN'T SLEEP? 
You've tried closing your eyes and counting sheep, listening to music, reading a book, talking to yourself... You have tried everything you could think of except for drugs and/or alcohol. Nothing worked. You just can't get your mind to shut off. 

I've been like this lately. I can't get my lids to close, my body to relax, and my mind to sweep me off into Sebastian Stan's arms. Nope. All I get is questions with no real answers, and bizarre thoughts that has no specific meaning. Like for example: how much trouble would I get in if I tye dyed my cat Tia or what elephants glowed in the dark or if Oklahoma ever had a Sharknado and I survived, could I keep one of the sharks as a pet. I would totally name her Tsunami. 
 Anyways, thats what I think about until I finally do go to sleep. I'm not much of a sleeper. I toss and I turn and I talk and I sweat. Not to mention my cat has to sleep on my face. How do you sleep? Are you an easy sleeper or an troublesome sleeper like me? If you are like me then I sympathize. The cat doesn't help with the sweating.
And when I finally do get to sleep, I have the best dreams in the world. Book worthy. Poetic, enchanting, magnificent, romantic, charming, nicely, and I REMEMBER THEM!! I can actually remember a good portion of my dreams. The only problem is I can't write them down. When I have the pen in my hand I don't know where to start and it saddens me. How many of you have movie script worthy dreams? Like if I could make a movie on my dreams I would. I could play myself and Nathan Sykes could play my hunky dream lover. 
The movie would be rated R... For romance not for dirty scenes... maybe...
So here's the newest question for you to ponder. Which of your dreams would you make into a movie and what would you name it? I would name mine Heart Vacancy Girl. If you are a The Wanted fan then you will know what I mean. ;)
Now for an important issue... blogging. Guys, I really have no idea what I am doing. So send me some topics to discuss or some ideas for me to make this a little more interesting. Or if you just wanna chat I'm into that too. Next Blog will be Would You Rather. So if you have some... send them and I will answer. 
I would choose the wand... only because Darth Vader is not my dad. Although he maybe my crazy uncle... 
So keep in touch with me. I love you guys! <3

And your opinion matters, not just your opinion but you matter too. So speak up. Until next time...
Peace, Love, and All Things Worth Blogging,
Olivia :)

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